Grateful for {a week full of chats}

{found time for a ride with the kids.  my bike :: a black dutchie from Mojo}

It started on Sunday night with a catchup with friends who have recently returned home to our shores.  Talking about church, work and kids.

Then tea with friends for just an hour before the school pickup. Me sitting with my crochet like a little ol’ granny. Talking about ourselves, our homes and yes, our kids.

Catching up with family that I hadn’t seen for a long time. Discussing how time goes so fast.  Celebrating the fact that we are all getting older.

Walking with another friend who has persisted in getting me out there to pound the pavement. Talking about faith, church, kids and family.

Sitting in the food hall at Ikea talking with a friend, treating ourselves to lunch.  Talking about relationships, God and our families.

Catching up with my SIL at Maccas. Talking about life, kids, the art of procrastination and the grumpy woman who had the gall to tell our children off.

Catching up with others over the phone.  Exchanging encouraging words and having a mutual understanding of what we sometimes go through helps oh, so much.

Chatting over tea with others, for a catchup that is long overdue. Talking about why we haven’t caught up in a while. Talking about our busy lives and how we can prioritise better.

It’s been a very chatty week, but a week that has been so productive.

I’m grateful for that. Grateful for a week full of support and communication.

Linking up with 52 weeks of Grateful with Maxabella over at Village Voices.


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