My Creative Space {an arrangement, a mistake and frame it}

:: an arrangement

Flowers from a church market day. Proceeds went to CCD (Christian Care for Disabled Children in Thailand).  One day I will go do some volunteer work at Rainbow House.  For now I’ll live vicariously through Carmen who is going there again for an extended stay very soon!  Follow along on her blog here.  For more info about CCD go here, and for their Australian counterpart Friends of Ziba go here.  For more about who Ziba is go here.

:: a mistake

It’s been sitting nicely folded for a while, hiding the fact that it is another UFO.  A single bed size quilt made with vintage chenille.  I had started the quilting process and realised that there was just too much movement.  Too many ripples.  This sometimes happens when you don’t pin or baste properly, or in my case, chosen cheap, crappy material for the backing.  Choosing cheap material for big projects can be quite tempting, but not worth the effort.  Often the thread count is quite low and will give and stretch.  Go for good material especially if you want your projects to stand the test of time.

:: frame it

My favourite frame  – an old carved wooden one that is in dire need of repair. I think this is the only wedding photo we have displayed in our house and this one is in our bedroom.  Memories of a day that was a long time ago, a day that was so busy it is now only a blur.

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