the storm that never really hit..

{sun setting over the gum trees}

on cloudy days, the kids are fascinated with checking the radar on the Bureau of Meteorology website.  on saturday afternoon it was very cloudy out to the east and looked like a huge storm was looming. sure enough, an extreme weather alert had been issued and on the radar there were nasty red blobs signifying intense rain coming our way.  battening down the hatches, moving furniture, covering my granny chairs we watched and waited.  i got the camera out as there is no better time to take photos outside than when it is overcast.  the rain came, a small tiny patch of really big water droplets, typical of Perth summer storms.  the thunder came and so did the lightning.  we all sat on the table outside watching and listening.  the sunset was amazing. one of those moments you want to pause and savour.  then the kids became bored, the moment passed and they got back to what they were busy with.
{rain on a dusty hot tin roof}

{lilly pilly…again…can’t get enough of these pink pom poms}

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3 thoughts on “the storm that never really hit..

  1. The Lily Pilly are lovely – I love the look of them and their name! And rain and a tin roof really are a perfect combination! I hadn’t thought of showing the kids the BOM radar, but I think I’ll give it a shot next time a storms brewing. They’re a little small, but I think they’ll still enjoy it! (Dropping over from The Beetle Shack Sunday Stills)

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