It’s Saturday and I am…

IMG_3291{the little one going out in the rain #surewhynotasthmakid}

thrilled that it’s the first of December today.  Permission to listen to Christmas Carols.  Permission to put the wreath on the door. Love, Love Christmas.

excited to finally get my hair done this morning.  Been a while. Those greys are becoming harder and harder to hide!

sooooo excited that my little brother and his wife head on their trip into the big wide world soon.  Praying that God keeps them safe on their travels.

thankful for all the rain that we have had in the past few days.  It has been amazing.  The wind reeked a little havoc on the tomato plants, but for the rest we escaped unscathed.

delighted that there is only a few weeks of uniforms, lunches and homework left for this year.  Seriously homework in the last two weeks of school?

Monday there will be the last post for #amonthof #mycreativespace.  The last prompt is “finished”.  That word doesn’t exist in my vocab this week.  Maybe Monday?

Have a great weekend.  My favourite Christmas Carol album… would have to be this.  That one and about twelve others.  Stay tuned for some reviews this month…


3 thoughts on “It’s Saturday and I am…

  1. I cheated – I’ve been playing my Christmas playlist for a month already! But it did just occur to me this morning that it’s now time to hang some Christmas stars in the window, and start our advent reading! Hooray!
    Paige is so beautiful, Tash!

  2. Yes! It’s finally December! I’d love to hear what Christmas CD’s you like, I always end up with cheesy ones that no-one wants to listen to. I’m counting down to school holidays as well, can’t wait for no lunches and endless days doing whatever the kids please!

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