My Creative Space {rest & finished}

IMG_3208rest :: 

I am a big advocate of mums having a rest time each day.  Not a whole afternoon, just half an hour or an hour to recharge the batteries, have some time to yourself to read that book you have wanted to sink your teeth into for a while.  It’s not being selfish.  It’s not being lazy.  Being a mum is a full time job and your mind is constantly on the go with the multitude of multitasking you have done already and still need to do for the day.  You NEED that time to take a break – AWAY from your children.

When they were little, my kids had ENFORCED nap times.  They didn’t get a choice.  I was boss, and they went to lay down on their bed, for at least an hour.  When they were older, they got to take a book along. Hearing mums say their kids have out grown naps at the age of 18 months doesn’t bode well with me.  Who’s boss?

If they came out of bed before the hour was up? They were sent straight back.  Mean mum I know, but I need boundaries, and so do they.  Even now, especially on Sundays, if the kids are home, we send them to their room (or somewhere else in the house) to have some alone time just for an hour.  Peace.  Bliss.  Rest.

IMG_3341finished ::

An ampersand cushion for a house warming present.  Paige helped with the printing, and was a little over exuberant with the paint applicator.  Bit of leakage occurred. Oops. The fabric?  From Ikea.

Linking up with Kirsty from Kootoyoo with #amonthof #mycreativespace over at Village Voices.  


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