stills :: this week round these parts

DSC_0364{the red baubles deemed not good enough this year.  delegated to the coffee table…by the kiddlets}

DSC_0358{my ornaments gifted to me from the Christine Lowry Handmade Ornament Swap}

DSC_0356{O Holy Night – a favourite carol around here}

DSC_0339 {miniature nativity – great discussion piece for little kids!}

DSC_0368{ornament made by meggs. Prints Charming… one day we’ll do a workshop together….}

DSC_0385{one of the easiest decorations you can make with your kids… who can knot…. find directions here… ours were made with wire hoops and a lot more rag strips}

DSC_0372{our greatest joy – that God sent His only son to be our Saviour. Blocks found at Kmart!} 

Linking up with Em and the rest of the “Stills” team over at The Beetle Shack


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