IMG_3452a normal day round these parts.

yet the kids have counted down the days till today for the past month. 12 of the 12 2012. pretty specky apparently.

nothing specky happening around here, just the normal household housework to do.

the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it, testimony of hours spent sewing with Keeks as she had a student free day yesterday.

testimony of an after school swimming carnival yesterday and then a church barbecue to attend for dinner last night.

testimony of my killer headache i had all day yesterday and still have this morning. bleerrgghh

today i will plod. today i will do a bit more sewing to finish off a table runner i started yesterday.

as its washing day, i will put one load through, the rains are comin’, so not much will get dried anyways.

today i need to find some vintage kids books on my shelf to do some reviews over the summer break. dream gig right there peoples!

today there is nothing on the calendar to do, nowhere to be, nothing to remember. aaah, 12.12.12.

a bit of normality in the middle of a crazy manic week.

This is the day that the LORD has made; 

let us rejoice and be glad in it.


if you like the odd bit of organ music… check this out.



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