this week :: in the kitchen

been cooking up a storm, using inspiration from fellow bloggers..

IMG_3465{gingerbread thermomix recipe from Em}

Made these little gingerbread farmers for Lachlan’s class.  The year fives at the kid’s school are in charge of the school farm, and so for the farm lunch, the gingerbread men had to be wearing gum boots.

IMG_3489{cookies and cream fudge made in the thermomix recipe from Amanda}

Prezzies for Chiara’s teachers this year.  They are three wonderful people.  

IMG_3470{seven layer salad by the Pioneer Woman}

We had our street christmas party last night and I needed to bring a salad to share.  It was delicious.  Try it! 

and finally… IMG_3443


{speculaas by Margaret Fulton.  You can find the recipe here on Marian’s blog – who just so happened to become a mum to tiny twin girls this week!}


Made these for snacking on…  mmmm, there’s rum in them! 


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