stills :: the week before Christmas

Every thing is slowing down as we get into the summer holiday mode.  Meals are fresh and fast, permission is given to leave toys out, selected colour groups of my material stash is lined up like soldiers on my sewing desk waiting to be cut into something while there are no schedules to keep. Gardening in the dusk hours bring so much pleasure as the kids play outside or sometimes help pull a weed or eagerly devour a newly ripened tomato.  We unofficially adopt daylight saving hours.  School’s over apart from one assembly today and that drive home afterwards will be savoured as it is the last I need to do this year.

DSC_0547{the christmas stash is dwindling}

DSC_0571{rob’s olive tree flourishing amid my natives}

DSC_0558{i spent an arvo last week spraypainting things white. fresh. these were black. new candles on the list for the next time i go to masters. }

DSC_0556{loving more white that was black}

DSC_0554{one of the polly’s decapitated. been standing on bits all week. oh well, not as excruciating as standing on lego}

DSC_0572{more seeds.  yes, i am in love with their delicate appearance and the hope of the bounty of parsley next year}

DSC_0576{how can watering be a chore when you have a can like this? i have perfectly good hoses. that didn’t matter, the can was yellow!}

DSC_0565{baby apples.  yes, wee babes.  here’s hoping the furmeister can’t reach them}

DSC_0567{bounty of assorted cherry tomatoes. the aforementioned furmeister likes to eat these in their green state. these ones have somehow survived}

DSC_0586{wreath on the front door in b and w}

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3 thoughts on “stills :: the week before Christmas

  1. Had to laugh about your white paint, Tash – in the past few weeks I have turned a cot, a cupboard, and a mirror frame white. Such fun to refresh old things in this way. Enjoy the holidays! felt so good to be done with all the school routines today!

  2. Lovely photos – the seeds are beautiful! It’s so exciting to see the baby apples and know there’ll be a crop soon! I also have a white paint addiction- last week we turned a blue room white… but the picture frames I tried to transform were a little patchy!

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