Have a Wonderful Christmas

IMG_3598{beautiful card, too nice for the other card collection, from friends who are also family.  you guys are awesome and heres hoping we can catch up next year!}

the weekend before christmas.  unusually calm and surprisingly stress free for this time of year round these parts.

three birthdays, two sleepovers since school’s been out.

on the last day of school i forgot so many things so teacher appreciation cards have been popped in the mail.

it’s going to be quiet on the blog front for the next few weeks, as

i have book reviews to write and i have a self imposed deadline (the kind that i only know, the kind that no one else can hold me accountable..)

i will be checking in to have a look at the comments for this.

over the next few days, i urge you to read this if you haven’t. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and if you are travelling as my dad always says

“better to get there half an hour late then never at all”


2 thoughts on “Have a Wonderful Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas! That card is amazing! Thank you for sharing the beautiful video, it is a reminder we all seem to need at this time of year. God bless you and your family, enjoy the time off.

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