Hello 2013 :: Joy


My word for this year :: joy.

Three little letters that promise so much.

Joy in knowing my only Saviour better this year.

Joy in watching my children grow and become more like the people God has chosen for them to be.

Joy in knowing I have a husband who is supportive and my best friend.

Joy in having close relationships with family and friends.

Joy in knowing that even though we plan so much and have it all worked out in our heads, it may not turn out like that at all. But there is joy in knowing our Father in heaven has a hope and a future mapped out for us already.

Joy in knowing that all the crappy things of the past year and all the moments we wished we could take back don’t really matter in the long run. The bigger picture.  It promises to be amazing. 


5 thoughts on “Hello 2013 :: Joy

  1. Thank you for those words and the verses. My daughter is having an ongoing struggle with some mental illness issues. The verse in Jeremiah really spoke to my heart for her. I am looking for a verse to continually pray for her. If one comes to your mind, feel free to share it with me. Thank you for be open about your faith.

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