one for the weekend :: Karri Forest, Pemberton, Western Australia

IMG_3932the enormity of the karri trees needs to be seen to be believed. every time I go back to Pemberton, I can not get enough of their majestic presence.  

::Karri Trees on the Heartbreak Trail, Pemberton, Western Australia::


2 thoughts on “one for the weekend :: Karri Forest, Pemberton, Western Australia

  1. These are gorgeous trees – My husband has gone back and forth to Vancouver Island for a number of years – On one of the more recent trips he visited a place called Cathedral Grove. He and his friends stood inside the trunks of the trees- They are massive sequoia ( I believe ) and have been in this place for more than a Hundred years. I am fairly sure that it is a preserve that is protected from logging etc. I will send you a photo under separate cover.
    Your trees are magnificent – a great place to spend some time -just being with nature and the beauty of the earth. Hope you are managing to stay cool. Here in Canada we are trying to stay warm though the last few days have been balmy winter days – right around zero Centigrade.
    Regards from Alberta, Canada,

  2. i love old trees…we visit a park up in the country that has a monument dedicated to the planting of the trees back in the 1800’s – they are so tall and majestic, there is truly something magical in ancient trees!

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