Reformation Day {soli deo gloria}

to God be all the praise!

Reformation Day Printable here. Soli Deo Gloria

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Reformation Day {sola fide}

faith alone.

Reformation Day Printable Sola Fide – Faith Alone

One more to go.

Grace Alone here.

Scripture Alone here.

Christ Alone here.

If you want to know more about Reformation Day go here.

Or listen to this sound track here.  It’s long – but so informative – from RC Sproul.

October 31st isn’t about trick or treating for those who trust in God.  It’s one special day in history that God used a man called Martin Luther to reform the Church.

Remember it tomorrow.  Teach the story to your children.  Pick up that dusty Church History book on your shelf and acquaint yourself with the story.

History about how God has gathered, defended and preserved His Church is so important.

If you have young children here are some ideas on how you could remember.