Quilted Pot Holders

On Thursday night I made some quilted pot holders for my sister-in-law’s birthday.

I made the pot holders using the “instant quilting technique”.  I first came across this technique when I was having lessons with Gillian Marshall from Deezigner Quilts.  Ok, getting side tracked here…  Gillian is the most patient person in the world.  I had lessons with her for about two years and patiently, ever so patiently she would urge me to keep going, “Unpick Tash, you can do that better, unpick Tash.” Yes, I am the great unpicker – every time I see my old high school sewing teacher she still sighs.  Any way, I couldn’t find a link to Gillian’s website which is a pity as she has made some amazing quilts – like one called Australian Oddessey which even Mr Google couldn’t  find a photo of!  Very boring.  Anyway, back to the story…

I found this tutorial  from the My Girl Thursday blog (she has a few cute diy’s – nice clear instructions – although she does presume that you have some sewing knowledge).  She used Teflon heat-resistant filling, I used Pellon which is basically wadding with a fuseable side.  This allows you to iron/fuse one strip on, then sew the next, iron that one flat and then sew the next.  You end up with an incredibly flat and crisp quilted seams.

Anyway, I ended up making 4 x 9 inch squares.  Two with vintage floral fabrics and two with brown and yellow toned fabrics.  It’s a great way to use up your stash as you can play around with the width of your strips.

Oh, and I came across this the other day.  Called Journiables, they are something I will be adding to my birthday list this year as I am a very visual learner.    And which one would I start with?  Probably the James to Jude edition!

Thanks Tim Challies.

And yes, I still make birthday lists…


creative sister-in-laws

I have two….

who have blogs

here’s one 


here is the other

Things I have been crafty with lately…

A grey toque for the young lady of the house and a crotched cowl for me.  Last night I made a quilted personalised library bag for a little girl who turned four and tonight will be a Dr Seuss outfit for the year oner and a present for another sister-in-law.  As for housework…. what is that?

Photo a day: June instalment two

day 15 – yellow – a yellow cup at playgroup

day 16 – out and about – going into Leederville with the family and some friends for sushi

day 17 – in your bag – not much, trying to cull what I lug around

day 18  – something we don’t know about you – I am a cook book snob

day 19 – imperfect – my lemon tree :(

day 20 – fave photo ever taken – the two girls

day 21 – where you slept – note the lovely feminine bed spread..

day 22 – from a high angle – my little puglet at school – I was her relief teacher today

day 23 – movement – cars on the freeway on our way to get some lunch on saturday

day 24 – on your mind – dreaming of camping

day 25 – something cute – the dogus on the couch – usually a no no

day 26 – where you shop – online.  and I know I shouldn’t.  it’s too easy to press that confirm button

Only a few days to go.  Chantelle @ fatmumslim has posted a new list for July see it here …… will I join? probably